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John Bolton

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Contrast with Hurricane Katrina

Survivors of Joplin face the heartbreak of loss while Obama parties with Royals in Europe and flubs the Queen's toast!

From the Daily Mail: Kyle and Alicia Gordon cry and embrace in their son's room after losing their home to the Joplin, Missouri tornado.

Meanwhile, Obama is partying it up at Buckingham Palace drinking wine that sells at $1,000 a bottle and even manages to flub the toast and continues speaking over the playing of the British National Anthem "God Save the Queen."

Watch the uncomfortable moment for yourself:

You can hear Queen Elizabeth II mutter something to Obama. Was it "that's very nice" or "shut up you idiot"?

Remember the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina where the press sought to portray President Bush as insensitive to the needs of disaster victims in New Orleans? How many stories will we see painting Obama with the same brush? I've found only one. Here's Jack Cafferty on CNN. Let me know if you see another. I doubt you will.

The images of Obama embarrassing himself with Royalty and the heartbreak of Joplin couldn't provide a more striking contrast which illuminates who and what Obama really is.

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