Trump in Poland

Trump in Poland

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Netanyahu Scores Homerun in Speech to Congress

Too bad we can't find a Hawaiian birth certificate for him. He'd make a great President!

If you didn't get to see Israeili Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, C-Span has the video available. The Prime Minister's Facebook page has the text.
A 3:34 video highlight is below:

NETANYAHU: So far, the Palestinians have been unwilling to accept a Palestinian state if it meant accepting a Jewish state alongside it…

Our conflict has never been about the establishment of a Palestinian state; it’s always been about the existence of the Jewish state. This is what this conflict is about…

President Abbas must do what I have done. I stood before my people — and I told you, it wasn’t easy for me — I stood before my people and I said, “I will accept a Palestinian state.” It’s time for President Abbas to stand before his people and say, “I will accept a Jewish state.”

Those six words will change history. They’ll make it clear to the Palestinians that this conflict must come to an end; that they’re not building a Palestinian state to continue the conflict with Israel, but to end it.

And those six words will convince the people of Israel that they have a true partner for peace.
NETANYAHU: "Israel is not what is wrong about the Middle East. Israel is what is right about the Middle East."

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