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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Run Ryan Run

UPDATE: Ryan says no to Senate run. Will former Guv Tommy Thompson step up? Thompson would be a likely winner, but has his own baggage with early support for parts of ObamaCare!

Dem Senate retirement in Wisconsin opens the way for Paul Ryan!

PhotobucketSen Herb Kohl, Democrat from Wisconsin despite being a shoe in for re-election in 2012 announced this week that he will retire. That leaves the seat wide open for Republicans in 2012 in an election cycle in which they are already heavily favored to regain control of the Senate. All Republicans need to take control is to win four more seats. With Democrats defending 23 seats and the GOP only 10 the Democrats have many more vulnerable seats than the GOP.

However sad we would be to lose Ryan as House Budget Committee Chairman, Ryan in the U.S. Senate would add another young, solid conservative to the growing GOP team.

Will Ryan run? A statement following Kohl's retirement announcment leaves the door open:
RYAN: "I was surprised by Senator Kohl’s announcement and want to take some time over the next few days to discuss this news with my family and supporters before making any decision about how I’m best able to serve my employers in the First Congressional District, our state and nation."

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