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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Libs Lie to Punish and Unseat GOP Wisc. Supreme Court Justice?

I've said it before: they will stop at nothing to "punish their enemies!"

Readers may recall my April 15th post titled "The Prosser Warning."  It detailed how the left sought to remove Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice David Prosser in a special election so as to overturn the law signed by Republican Governor Walker to limit the rights of public teacher's unions in that state.

The left failed to remove Prosser in that election and the court went on to affirm the validity of the law signed by the Governor. But that's not the end of it.

Now, the left has come out with a shocking accusation that Justice Prosser physically assaulted another member of the court, one of the liberal Democrats, Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, by choking her with his hands.

Following the left's usual technique they presented just that bit of information to willing accomplices in the left wing blogosphere who immediately started a drumbeat of calls demanding Prosser's immediate resignation.

But as is so often the case, the facts that the left wingers were using the fans the flames of astroturf outrage were only half the story. It turns out that multiple witnesses in the room told reporters for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that Bradley attacked Prosser. Hot Air has a full breakdown of the various report.

Ann Althouse, a blogger and law professor in Madison, Wisconsin raises the following issue: "Everyone who thinks Prosser must to resign if he attacked Bradley ought to say that if Bradley attacked Prosser, she should resign."

But Ann must know, as surely most of my readers do, that the left will NEVER accept the same standard of accountability they daily demand of us. Besides, as Ann points out, if either justice resigns, Governor Walker will appoint a replacement that will surely be a conservative.

Hot Air records that now the truth is starting to emerge the left wing sites which falsely accused Prosser are deleting the smears launched against the justice. We can expect that they will now try to quietly sweep the matter under the rug and hope no one follows through on calls for Bradley to resign.
By every appearance, the left has been caught in their own web of lies on this one. But not to worry. They'll find a way to excuse their conduct and blame the right for starting the whole thing. After all, we're still waiting for an apology from the left that the right, Andrew Breitbart in particular, hacked Rep. Anthony Weiner's email.

This latest episode is further proof from my earlier post on the "Prosser Warning" and a similar warning following our great success in the 2010 election. The left will stop at nothing to win so we better be prepared NOW!

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