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Friday, July 22, 2011

Reid and Democrats Slammed Debt at $8.5 Trillion but Now Demand an Increase to $16 Trillion+

If $8.5 Trillion debt in 2006 was wrong and "immoral" then why DOUBLE IT?

In 2006 Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took to the Senate Floor to denounce a debt ceiling increase of $800 billion. That increase would bring the debt up to approximately $8.5 trillion total:

"Explain why they think that more debt is good for our economy...Increasing debt limit is the last thing we should be doing.... will weaken our country." Harry Reid, March 2006

That was then, this is now. Reid joined Obama and other Democrats in insisting that these earlier dire statements were a mistake as they throw gas on the fire of increasing debt.

Still, some Democrats insist that earlier GOP plans to increase the debt to $8.5 Trillion is justification for doubling it. Frankly, that argument does not add up!

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