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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The LAST Thing America Needs is Another Major Speech by Obama on the Economy

Stale ideas, recycled rhetoric, class warfare and partisan attacks won't solve economic problems!

Get out your pens and mark your calenders now! Obama plans yet another "major speech" on the economy. How many does that make?

Here's a very excellent report worth your viewing time:

Readers may recall that only last April Obama was set to deliver a "major speech" on the economy. It was pre-billed as an attempt to reach beyond the partisan divide yet ended up being nothing more than another partisan attack laced with the typical scaremongering about seniors and children being left to fend for themselves. Obama had a great chance to rise above politics and be a real leader for once and he blew it. Remember also that when the head of the Congressional Budget Office was asked to evaluate Obama's "plan" he responded "we don't estimate speeches."

Does anyone think it will be different in September? Obama has spent his bus tour attacking the Republicans and offering nothing but the same class warfare and scaremongering. That's not leadership.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) told House colleagues:
“People expect their leaders to lead. That means moving past the class warfare and the divisive politics and instead doing what is needed to get people working again. That means delivering results, not simply speeches.”
Obama is unable to admit, or perhaps even understand, that his policies have failed. I may quote General Honore of New Orleans/Hurricane Katrina fame too often, but it fits once again. Obama and the Democrats are "STUCK ON STUPID" and the American people will suffer as a result!

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