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John Bolton

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Obama's Throw America Under the Bus Tour

Campaign tour 100% paid for by U.S. Taxpayers!

How's this for a carbon footprint? Obama's bus tour motorcade.

Jealous that Republicans have been having all the fun in places like Iowa (at their own expense) Obama fired up a made in Canada mega bus and took to the road for what was billed as a "listening tour." But of course what Obama means by a listening tour is that YOU listen to HIM!

Two Tea Party Terrorists Americans showed up at one staged campaign event where the questions and questioners were pre-selected to feed off Obama's talking points. They were ignored during the Q&A but did get the chance to confront the socialist in chief on the way out. After denying that Vice President Joe Biden's likened Tea Party members to terrorists Obama told the pair that "It doesn't sound like you're interested in listening." It may have been the only time on Obama's bus tour that he actually had some serious interaction with people who oppose his policies!

Further underlining the campaign nature of the bus tour, Obama said at one stop that a "faction in  congress" put their party ahead of the country's interest by blocking his latest "jobs" measures which are nothing but more of the same payoffs to unions and big government that have failed to create jobs and left us with even larger deficits.

After accusing Tea Party members of Congress of what basically amounts to treason, Obama lectured Texas Governor Rick Perry for his controversial remarks about Fed Bank Chairman Ben Bernanke. Referring to Perry he told one crowd "you've got to be a little more careful about what you say, but I'll cut him some slack. He's only been at it for a few days now." Obama's been at it for years now and still can't help insluting Americans at nearly every opportunity!

Adding insult to injury, we learn that while Obama TALKS about creating jobs in this country, the bus he's riding in was made in Canada!

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