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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Obama Administration Knee Deep in Political Corruption Over Solyndra Despite Denials

Did anyone really believe their denials in the first place?

Well, this is interesting. The Washington Post broke the story Tuesday that officials at the Department of Energy pressured green jobs firm Solyndra to put off the announcement of layoffs scheduled for October 28, 2010 until after the 2010 mid term election on November 2. From Soylyndra emails subpoenaed by the House Energy and Commerce Committee comes this nugget:
“DOE continues to be cooperative and have indicated that they will fund the November draw on our loan (app. $40 million) but have not committed to December yet,” a Solyndra investor adviser wrote Oct. 30. “They did push very hard for us to hold our announcement of the consolidation to employees and vendors to Nov. 3rd – oddly they didn’t give a reason for that date.”
So, basically $40 million in taxpayer funds was used to keep Solyndra quiet until after the election.

Obama Contributor and Solyndra Investor Frequent White House Visitor

White House officials have repeatedly denied that frequent visits to the White House by billionaire George Kaiser, a key Obama fundraiser, had any connection to lobbying on behalf of Solyndra. That assertion is directly contradicted by the emails from Kaiser and his top staff. [1, 2]

The evidence of corruption surrounding Solyndra is reaching levels that cannot be ignored even by the mainstream "news" media. The question is, will they give it the same amount of attention they do to negative stories about Herman Cain and other Republican challengers to Obama? Don't hold your breath!

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