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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Occupy Protester Threatens to Burn NYC "to the ground!"

Imagine the hell storm that would break loose if ANY Tea Partier said anything remotely similar!

Once again here we are. The same Democrats who lectured Tea Partiers on civility a year ago and have embraced the Occupy Wall Street protests are silent with this kind of incitement going on:

PROTESTER: "We gonna burn New York City to the f***ing ground.
Ain’t no more talking, They got guns we got bodies. They got bricks we got rocks. Let’s see what they got.

[Young man in the background] They got missiles, we got bombs.

I want them, I want them to make that decision so they can see, in a few days you going to see what a Molotov cocktail can do to Macy’s.
Whoa! Yet the reaction from most of the same "news" media that saw the Ku Klux Klan around the corner at every Tea Party dismisses nut jobs like the above or ignores them altogether.

With at least one Jewish neighborhood in New York City already set ablaze in the wake of anti-Semitic Occupy Wall Street threats shouldn't Democrats who demanded Tea Partiers watch their words do the same now and condemn threats of violence from the left? Don't hold your breath!

UPDATE: White House Shooter Part of Occupy DC?

Oscar Ortega Hernandez was arrested Wednesday after allegedly shooting at the White House on Friday. The Secret Service searched the Occupy DC encampment on Monday looking for Hernandez was eventually found in Pennsylvania. Imagine the hell that would break loose if a Tea Party member were implicated in such a crime. Elected Democrats would be knocking each other over in a rush to the nearest microphone to condemn ALL Tea Partiers and conservatives for the crime. Not one peep out of them in this case. What a surprise!

UPDATE: Occupy San Diego Honors White House Shooter!

Remember that without ANY evidence that Tucson shooter Jared Loughner was influenced in any way by the Tea Parties the "news" media immediately lapped up Democrat charges that the shooting was connected to rhetoric coming from the likes of Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh?

Well now we have the protesters at Occupy San Diego honoring the accused White House shooter with a moment of silence. Video and full story at Newsbusters.

Where are all the media types who openly spread the lie that Tea Parties or conservatives were to blame for Jared Loughner's crime when we have actual Occupy protesters embracing Hernandez?

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