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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

NBC Tampa Debate: Worst Debate EVER!

Was NBC's Brian Williams afraid audience would boo him? He need not have worried. They were asleep!

NBC's Brian Williams, who moderated the GOP candidates debate in Tampa Monday night, instructed the crowd to remain silent throughout. Obviously Williams didn't want to offer Newt Gingrich any opportunity to play off the crowd as he bashed the media. The result was a debate that caused me to reach for the remotes after only a few minutes.

Just look at the comatose crowd. Don't they look excited to be there?


And it appears it wasn't exactly a thrill ride for the candidates either. Here's a photo of Newt as he prepares to leave the stage as the debate ends:


Newt has said that he may not agree to further debates if the crowd is not able to express themselves as they have in past debates this year. I agree. The Tampa debate was beyond dull and boring and I won't watch another one between the GOP candidates with the same restriction. What a shame this fall's debate with Obama will likely have the same gag order on the audience. But then, unless it says "CHEER" on the teleprompter how would Democrats know when to clap?

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