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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Loot Church Which Gave Them Shelter

Even the drug addicts formerly sheltered in the church didn't steal!

Here's an enlightening story. The West Park Presbyterian Church in New York City  gave shelter to some of the Occupy Wall Street crowd. Imagine how the good Samaritan Rev. Bob Brashear felt one day when he woke up and found that not only had his $2,400 MacBook gone missing earlier, but now part of the church's $12,500 bronze baptismal font was gone. The Holy Water from the River Jordan was dumped in the base like discarded spit.

This comes on top of a protester at another church in Brooklyn urinating on a cross. Perhaps he was imitating the government subsidized art of the late Robert Mapplethorpe.

What's really amusing about this story is that the church had previously given shelter to drug addicts in the 1980's and they never touched the valuable font.

But Rev. Bob shouldn't be surprised. Doesn't he know these "99%rs" care only about themselves and think the rest of the world, including churches, owe them a living?

It seems Rev. Bob may be waking up. He's told the Occupy bunch to pack up and get out in two weeks. He better search them as they leave!

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