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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Obama Promotes "All of the Above" Energy Strategy While Lobbying to Block Keystone Pipeline

A perfect illustration of why Obama is NOT interested in lowering gas prices!

Obama was in North Carolina on Wednesday talking about his "all of the above" energy policy. Here is what the White House blog had to say about the trip:
Today, President Obama made a trip to a manufacturing plant for Daimler Trucks North America in Mount Holly, North Carolina. He was in the Tar Heel state to discuss more ways his administration is taking an all-of-the-above approach to American energy.

He talked about how his administration is pursuing new domestic energy sources, expanding oil and gas production, and reducing our overall reliance on oil through development of renewable energy.
Really? Obama is pursing an "all of the above" energy policy? Then explain this:
President Barack Obama is intervening in a Senate fight over the Keystone XL oil pipeline and personally lobbying Democrats to reject an amendment calling for its construction, according to several sources familiar with the talks. The White House lobbying effort, including phone calls from the president to Democrats, signals that the vote could be close when it heads to the floor Thursday. The president is trying to defeat an amendment that would give election-year fodder to his Republican critics who have accused him of blocking a job-creating energy project at a time of high gas prices.” (POLITICO, 3/7/12)
Under management by the Obama Administration oil and gas production on federal lands (30% of all land in the U.S. is owned by the government) is down 40% due to restrictive Administration policies. Blocking the Keystone pipeline is just another example of ways Obama is restricting development of available North American petroleum and the jobs that go with it.

Obama's "all of the above" strategy is predicated on restricting new supplies of petroleum leaving us more dependent on higher cost oil from overseas! And Obama claims he is not responsible for higher gas prices? Please!

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