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Friday, March 09, 2012

Obama's Answer to Skyrocketing Electricity Prices: An Energy Saving Light Bulb that Costs $50

Oh, but it creates "green jobs" and is government subsidized!

Earlier this week I posted the story about how electricity rates have "necessarily skyrocketed" (Obama's words) in the age of Obama's wonderful transition to "green" alternatives. In states adopting Obama's green energy plan electricity rates have gone up between 32% and 54%.

That extra burden on families already struggling with high energy prices and unemployment is staggering; especially for the poor.

Well, the next step in Obama's green energy revolution is a light bulb whose price is astronomical. And yes, like the Chevy Volt, a car no one wants to buy, your light bulb will be subsidized by the government. But it will still cost $50. The Washington Post has the story.

The new bulb is supposed to be an alternative to the compact fluorescent bulbs that contain toxic mercury and never last the years of operating life that was promised (a third of mine are already dead). But at $50 each how could a family afford to replace the bulbs in their home?

I'm all in favor of new technology that is practical and cost effective. Yet what we see with this latest "green" bulb is a government that is out of touch with the economic reality facing most families!

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