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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Promises, Promises. Charting Obama's Epic Fail

Contrast his promises with his record with these graphs!

So far we're gearing up for election day with the famous "Obama by the Numbers chart" followed by the equally useful list of items from "If the economy is really so great then why is...." topped off with the fully documented list of Obama's Epic Fail, a fulsome series of stats, all well documented, showing why Obama's presidency is a failure by every measure imagineable.

But sometimes, it helps to step back from all that number crunching and put it all in simple, easy to understand at a glance charts.

Share these with your friends who pay more attention to pop culture than they do to politics and see if a light bulb doesn't come on for them. Hopefully that light bulb won't be one of Obama's new $50 "green" bulbs....

Employment FAIL!

Obama promised that if we gave him what he wanted for the nearly $TRILLION stimulus bill in early 2009 that unemployment would not go above 8%. A $TRILLION later and it's stuck at 8.3%.


Health Insurance FAIL!

Obama repeatedly promised that if we adopted his health care plan that the average family would save $2,500 a year by the end of his first term. Instead of the price coming down, health insurance rates are skyrocketing almost as fast as electric rates and gasoline:

Notice that premiums dropped all during the Bush years. Remember that next time Obama asks if you want to go "back to the failed policies of the past."

Now, Obama's spokesperson says that the savings will be less than $2,000 and won't materialize until 2019 at the earliest!

Fiscal Responsiblity Fail!

When Obaam first came into office he and his team talked about a "new era of fiscal responsiblity." Keep in mind that Obama called $4 trillion added to the national debt under George Bush "unpatriotic." Obama has blown the lid off the debt chart:

Gas Price FAIL!

Four years ago then candidate Obama was leading the charge for Democrats criticizing Bush for high gas prices. Now, he says that the President plays little role in managing gas prices. But back then, people like Peggy Joseph thought Obama was there to help. Remember this?

How's that working out for you Peggy?

During the 2008 campaign the Obama team put out an impressive energy proposal which stated that Barack Obama has a comprehensive energy plan that provides immediate relief to struggling familes," and promised to "provide short-term relief to American families facing pain at the pump." In that same policy statement he signaled that he would  "confront[] our dependence on foreign oil." Instead, he's shut down American oil development on federal lands and made us more vulnerable to price shocks in the overseas petroleum market. Click on points in the following interactive chart and decide for yourself whether Obama is to blame for high gas prices:

We'll keep adding new charts and stats as we get nearer to the campaign. The message is clear, Obama's presidency has been an EPIC FAILURE!

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