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Thursday, May 31, 2012

In Boston to Trash Romney, Obama's Top Attack Dog Axelrod Gets The Solyndra Treatment from Hecklers

Chants of "Solyndra," "five more months," "where are the jobs" and "broken record" rattled The Chicago hit squad!

In 2008 then candidate Obama told his supporters to "get in their face" to make his case. Thursday, Mitt Romney's supporters took a page from the Obama playbook and showed up in large numbers at a Boston event where  Obama's attack dog David Axelrod planned to trash Mitt Romney.

Instead of a smear against Romney the tables were turned. Democrats aren't used to this kind of payback. Watch the video:

Chants of "Solyndra, Solyndra" a reference to the billions of taxpayer money thrown down the rat hole for green jobs that only ended up enriching Obama contributors!

The Romney campaign shows that the gloves are off. This won't be a repeat of McCain's half-hearted effort in 2008! No doubt the Obama campaign will retaliate but then, they were most likely already planning a similar stunt. Kudos to team Romney for taking the first shot! (oops! sorry for the "shot" reference. I forgot that only Democrats were allowed to use such language)


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