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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Romney Goes to Solyndra

Standing in front of an empty factory of a bankrupt company to highlight Obama's failed green jobs policy!

And... video highlighting billions to big Obama donors whose green companies also failed!

Obama went after Mitt Romney for his connection to Bain Capital in which some firms were closed, losing jobs. Mitt's response? He goes to Solyndra where big Obama donors took $528 million in Obama Energy Dept. loans before declaring bankruptcy:
On Thursday, Mitt Romney stands in front of an empty Solyndra plant in Fremont, California which was the poster child for Obama's green jobs program which lost billions in taxpayer funds and ended up losing thousands of jobs!
ROMNEY: “It’s also a symbol of a serious conflict of interest. An independent inspector general looked at this investment and concluded that the administration had steered money to friends and family – to campaign contributors.  
This building, this half a billion dollar taxpayer investment, represents a serious conflict of interest on the part of the president and his team.”

“It’s also a symbol of how the president thinks about free enterprise,” said Romney. “Free enterprise to the president means taking money from the taxpayers and giving it freely to his friends.”
If you're not up to speed on the Solyndra story and the waste of billions for green jobs that never materialized but did line the pockets of Obama campaign contributors here's a video from the Romney campaign that puts it all in perspective:


What's the bigger scandal? Romney who ran a private firm that risked it's own money to create jobs or Obama who threw billions of taxpayer money to his friends for firms that went bankrupt?

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