John Bolton

John Bolton

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

"Swiftboat" Obama!

The current president has even less claim to military achievements than Sen. John Kerry!

Veterans are ticked off with Obama's bin Laden victory tour. One group, Veterans for a Strong America put out this ad in response to Obama's blatant politicizing of the raid that killed bin Laden:

Veterans for a Strong America remind us that "Heroes Don’t Spike the Football!"

Let's just repeat Obama's words from the Iowa Steak Fry in 2006:
“I’ve had enough of using terrorism as a wedge issue in our politics...I think the war against terrorism isn’t supposed to crop up between September and November of even numbered years, and yet that seems to be the pattern. There is a sudden burst of activity, a sudden urgency about this whole thing three months before an election every other year.”

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