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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Why No Outrage over Occupy Protests Domestic Terrorist Plot in Cleveland?

And where are Obama and Pelosi who praised and embraced this movement?

Readers will recall how in 2009 then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi labeled Tea Party protests as "Un-American" during the health care debate. Later after warning that "we have to take responsibility for our actions and our words" she broke into tears fretting that the Tea Party might lead to violence.

Obama and the Democrats repeatedly attacked Tea Party activists for being "extreme." Democrats constantly sought to portray Tea Partiers are racist and demanded that elected GOP leaders denounce the movement.

But when it comes to the Occupy movement Obama embraces it. Nancy Pelosi said "God bless them!" Even as the list of violence, vandalism and hate speech grows Democrats refuse to denounce the group or distance themselves from it.

So now this:

Occupy protesters arrested for plot to blow up bridge in Cleveland, Ohio


The five suspects pictured above are directly linked to the Occupy movement. Not only were they well known to Occupy Cleveland organizers but they self identified as such on their Facebook pages. But you wouldn't know that if you listened to the mainstream news media. I first heard of the plot on the radio where the plotters were described as anarchists. That seems to be the general story line.

Matthew Sheffield at Newsbusters does a media roundup on the story and documents any mention of the terrorists Occupy affiliation:
USA Today? No mention at all.
Bloomberg? No mention at all.
CBS News? No mention at all.
Voice of America? No mention at all.
The New York Times? No mention at all.
CNN? The cable network notes that the language used by one of the suspects in reference to "the 1 percent" sounds like Occupy terminology, but CNN fails to mention that some of the suspects were actually involved with Occupy Cleveland.
The Associated Press? It mentions the Occupy connection but downplays it, letting an Occupy Cleveland spokesman's claim the men "weren't affiliated with or representing the group" go unchallenged.
It wouldn't require much imagination to guess how much the coverage would be different if Tea Partiers were engaged in anything approaching this level of criminality.

But since the Occupy crowd are Obama and Pelosi's favorite pets, you're not likely to hear much in the news about links to this plot. Or perhaps it's no big deal because people expect Democrats and their allies to behave in such a lawless and violent fashion. Can you say Obama's mentor Bill Ayers?

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