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Friday, July 13, 2012

More People Know About Tom Cruise's Divorce Than Supreme Court Ruling on ObamaCare

And you wondered why it was so difficult to get the truth about Obama out to the American people?

A poll by the Hollywood Reporter (second item here) found that 84% of those polled had heard of the Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare but 91% had heard of the Tom Cruise Katie Holmes divorce.

The Supreme Court's decision will have an impact on every single American living today in one way or another. Tom Cruise's divorce is nothing more than a curiosity. Yet it is troubling that more people would be aware of marital split of Hollywood actors than the Supreme Court's landmark decision.

The difference in awareness highlights how difficult it is to inform the American people when so many of them are more interested in entertainment or sports [ratings] than political events which do have a direct impact on their lives. Is it any wonder that there is not more outrage about the monstrous federal debt or the looming development of Iranian nuclear weapons?

I read recently that the entire Talk Radio listening audience was approximately 50 million people. The total viewership for all of broadcast news is less than 22 million. Fox News' top rated program, The O'Reilly Factor tops out at 3 million viewers.

Despite the Pew Poll in 2010 which claimed that news consumption was increasing, it's hard to square that with the blissful ignorance we see demonstrated on a daily basis. For example, Jesse Waters did interviews at the beach on July 4th about Independence Day and you'd be surprised how many people were not aware we got our independence from the British. Finally, let's not forget the glittering ignorance of Obama voters interviewed in 2008.

What this poll demonstrating more awareness of the Cruise divorce than Supreme Court's decision shows is that we must find new ways to reach out to voters to inform them before they vote this November. That burden falls on each one of us who can contact family, friends and associates and ask them to put aside their entertainment and sports viewing for a moment and consider issues that have a direct impact on their lives. In the end, it won't matter what team wins which game. But who wins the presidential election will have a direct and lasting impact on our lives!

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