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Monday, July 16, 2012

In Egypt, Protesters Pelt Hillary Clinton's Car with Tomotes, Shoes Chanting "Monica"

How long before they shout "death to America" like they do in Iran?

This wasn't supposed to happen. It's only been three years since Obama went to Cairo and poured out a litany of apologies to the Arab world. At that time Hillary Clinton and Obama were able to walk unfettered through the mosques (though Hillary did have to don Muslim hair covering so as not to incite the men). Then the Arab Spring came along and Obama went to the microphones on an almost daily basis demanding that our Egyptian ally Mubarak step down. Apparently that appeasement to the mob merely invited the mob to view us with contempt.

In little more than three years Obama has destroyed the sound foreign policy upon which our national security rests. And while the election will be decided on economic issues it won't be long before the consequences of Obama's weakness force the issue to the top of our concerns!

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