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Monday, July 16, 2012

Obama's Outsourcing Hypocrisy

Under Obama, we've outsourced our manned space program to the Russians and sent billions more for overseas jobs!


An interesting confluence of events over the past few days exposed the depths of hypocrisy to which Obama will sink in search of his re-election. First, since Obama terminated the manned space program, a U.S. astronaut bound for the International Space Station had to hitch a ride on a Russian rocket. The same Russians who are thumbing their nose at Obama and the U.S. in foreign affairs are only too happy to take over a billion in U.S. taxpayer dollars for space rides. Meanwhile, Obama's decision to terminate NASA's manned space program has devastated the economy of Florida's Space Coast where highly skilled workers are now without work.

That makes Obama's statement on Monday, a new low for hypocrisy. He was in Ohio and said this:
"We don’t need a President who plans to ship more jobs overseas." It's part of a repeated attack on Romney for his experience at Bain Capital which Fact Check groups repeatedly point out is a false attack.

But outsourcing the manned space flight program isn't the only example. Obama has spent $29 billion for projects that created jobs overseas. And when he's not giving money away, his energy policy is forcing American workers to seek jobs in Canada where that sector of the economy is booming. 34,185 Americans applied for work permits in Canada last year since they could find no work at home. That's nearly ties the record from 2010.

Once again, we've seen a disconnect between Obama's words and reality. Surely by now the voters know who the real job killer is!

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