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Monday, August 06, 2012

Romney Whips Obama for Third Straight Month in Fundraising Race

But Obama continues to spend like the federal government!

Plus- Dick Morris report on an insider poll: Romney is doing well!

92 days to VICTORY!

On Monday, Obama hosts yet another fundraiser. This time in Connecticut. His visit to a swank seaside home filled with Hollywood celebrities will also mean the daylong closure of a nearby state park and beaches  thus depriving citizens seeking relief from the 90 degree heat any respite.

Obama, who has held more fundraisers than all previous presidents since Nixon COMBINED is desperate for cash. He's burning through money to fund his campaign with more than $70 million in spending in June alone.

Meanwhile, Romney has outraised Obama for three months in a row. Romney took in nearly $80 million more than Obama in May, June and July and has $186 million cash on hand when combined with GOP victory fundraising. Obama has not released his cash available number which is likely to be much lower as it was in June.

Obama has been spending heavily on the same grass roots organizing that led him to victory in 2008 over McCain. But unlike McCain, Romney will not be tied to the pledge to adhere to federal campaign spending limits (like so many other promises, this is another pledge Obama broke).

Romney has largely spent money donated to his campaign for primary purposes and is unable to spend the massive bankroll he is amassing for the general election until after the convention. Obama is betting that his early spending on grass roots will pay long term dividends. But Romney may be able to overwhelm those efforts in the final two months of the campaign.

Obama faces the very real danger that his popularity and funding may peak early and leave Romney with a runaway advantage in the final weeks.

Dick Morris: Private Poll Shows Romney Strength

In his Monday lunchtime video, Dick Morris discusses new polling which shows the race much closer than the flawed polls currently making news. Dick's video is a reminder that there will be many ups and downs as the race progresses but Morris feels, as I do, that the fundamentals are in Romney's favor.

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