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Friday, August 03, 2012

Worst Economic Recovery in History: Unemployment Goes Up to 8.3%

The few jobs which were created in July were not enough to meet the demand of millions of Americans who remain out of work during Obama's "recovery summer!"

In August 2010 Obama's Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner declared "welcome to the recovery." Two months prior to that Vice President Joe Biden touted "Recovery Summer."

Some recovery!

Two years later what little job growth there has been has not kept pace with new workers entering the job market or supplied jobs to millions who lost their jobs during Obama's term in office.

With the unemployment rate going back up again in July to 8.3% and with unemployment running above 8% for a record 41 months there is little to cheer. Especially when you consider that Obama promised that with the Stimulus plan he and Democrats rammed through Congress in 2009 unemployment at this stage was forecast to be 5.7%.



Obamanomics has created the slowest recovery in modern American history. And for a man who takes personal credit for good news like the killing of Bin Laden, much of the blame for this mess must go to his economic mismanagement. He wasted hundreds of billions in Stimulus funds rewarding his campaign donors and Big Labor allies. An opportunity to lay a foundation for economic growth was squandered with a focus on a job killing hyper regulation of business and a health care fiasco that few wanted.

The answer to this mess is simple. Need a job? Vote for Romney!

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