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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Democrats in Disarray After Vote to Reject Godless Platrform

UPDATE: Results of vote were pre-ordained with results on teleprompter. Is this democracy or fascism?

It's clear from the video that supporters of "Barabas" Obama shouted louder to reject God in the platform!

Democrats are known for their radical conventions. But this one REALLY stands out. But we might almost pity them this time around. The message discipline which has been a hallmark of their media effort to distract from Obama's failures continues to unravel. First, they had trouble countering the clear, factual evidence that Americans are not better off than they were four years ago.

Now, their Party Platform which rejected any notion of God (though preserved faith in government) and rejected Jerusalem as the capital of Israel gave them such headaches with voters who do not share their extreme, radical views that they sought a do-over. The do-over did not go well. A 2/3rds vote is required to amend the Platform. Watch the vote and decide for yourself whether that threshold was met:

Parliamentarian: "Gotta let them do what they are gonna do."

Clearly there was no 2/3rds movement in favor. Quite the opposite. And no move was made for a polling of the delegations. Is this democracy Democrat style?

Obama and the Democrats have waged a war on religion. Most notably against Catholics and Jews. As Obama's mentor Rev. Wright would say "the chickens are coming home to roost!" Democrats are America's Godless Party!

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