John Bolton

John Bolton

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Instead of Address Job Creation or the Economy, Dem Convention Uses Day One to Talk Up Abortion

Once again, Democrats show why they are outside the mainstream of American political thought!

Even the New York Times noticed that Democrats were "Aggressive on Abortion" and put extreme advocates of abortion up front and center on the first night of their convention in Charlotte. This shouldn't surprise anyone since Obama himself has declared that he is "pro choice" even for late term abortions [video] in which the fetus is well enough developed that it could survive outside the womb.

The extreme Democrat position goes beyond all abortions, all the time. Now, their platform states that they even want taxpayers to pay for it.

The article in the New York Times points out that the Democrat's extreme position on abortion is:
A risky proposition. Gallup found in May that only 41 percent of Americans identify as “pro-choice,” a record low, and 50 percent call themselves “pro-life.” Bracketing these imprecise, inflammatory labels, 52 percent said abortion should be legal “under certain circumstances,” 25 percent said only “under certain circumstances,” and 20 percent said it should be “illegal in all circumstances.”
Not only do Democrats ignore the much greater issues of unemployment, job creation, the economy and the national debt they focus their time on the most extreme views on abortion.  Not surprising for a Party that removes God from their platform but celebrates abortion!

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