Friday, October 12, 2012

Mittmentum! Big Swing to Romney in Key States

But don't measure the drapes yet. Obama still has tricks up his sleeve!

Since the first Romney/Obama debate the trend favoring Mitt Romney has continued unabated. It's unlikely that Joe Biden's boorish performance did much more than stop the bleeding. Below are national Romney vs. Obama polls at Real Clear Politics. Every one since the debate shows Romney with a lead or a tie.

What's happening the national polls is also reflected in the polls for individual states where Obama's leads have been evaporating. In the past week a significant number of states have shifted from lean Obama to toss up as the map from Real Clear Politics demonstrates. Obama still has a narrow lead in some states but even that is within the margin of error.

Bad News for Obama: Less Blue, more pink, red and gray!

Next Debate Key

Obama's allies in the "news" media were caught off guard by his weak performance in the first debate. Expect them to rally to their man in the second no matter how he performs. Even a draw will be considered an Obama win. Will that stop the Mittmentum? Who knows.

Also, keep in mind that despite Obama's claim that Romney would outspend him, it's Obama outspending Romney in key states. The idea that the opposite was true was nothing more than an Obama con job to scare donors into donating more. Still, this spending advantage, somewhat neutralized in the first debate is still a factor.

Beware also the October surprise. Military action in Libya is one possibility. Bombing a few innocent Libyans isn't a concern to a President who has used drone strikes to take out the entire family of a terrorist including women and children.

While most Americans want retribution for the deaths of our Ambassador, we also want answers on who was to blame for the failure to protect our diplomats and why a video was falsely blamed for the attack. Expect Romney to make that point in an upcoming debate.

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