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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

34,000,000 More Reasons ObamaCare is Bad for America

When the cost of your pizza goes up to pay for this legislative malpractice, thank the Democrats!

Remember when then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the great intellectual  heavyweight of the Democrat Party said we had to "pass the bill [ObamaCare] to find out what is in it"? A bill with over 2,000 pages and Democrats made sure to rush it through before anyone, even Congressman voting on it, had a chance to read it.

Ever since then we've been learning more and more about what is in it. The bottom line: it's a jobs killer that will decrease the quality and availability of health care at the same time the cost of what care is available will go up.

And it's loaded with the kind of absolute governmental stupidity that only a Democrat could love.

Take this for example: under the new health care law a pizza restaurant will have to post detailed nutritional information for every possible combination of it's menu offerings. To a business like Dominoes Pizza it's calculated to be 34,000,000 nutritional statements. The cost for having this information at each store would be close to $5,000.

Grocery stores, which now offer a range of ready to eat items would also be slapped with new requirements adding a $billion in costs that will have to be passed on to consumers.

This is on top of businesses who are laying off workers or raising prices to avoid the most crippling aspects of ObamaCare's regulatory strangulation.

Bad politics makes bad law. And Nancy Pelosi and Democrats who rushed ObamaCare through without due consideration to the consequences are to blame for the lost jobs, higher costs of food and other products. Not to mention higher taxes and less available health care!

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