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Friday, December 07, 2012

Senate Democrat Leader Blocks Vote on Obama Fiscal Proposal

And they say Republicans are obstructing Obama's agenda?

If you needed another example (you didn't really did you?) that Democrats are not seriously looking to solve the nation's fiscal problems but are merely posturing for political gain, here you go.

On Wednesday, Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell offered to have a vote on Obama's proposal to end the fiscal crisis. This is the same proposal that has trillions in new taxes and grants Obama unilateral power to raise the debt ceiling. McConnell offered the vote to see how many Democrats would support it.

But Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid refused to allow the vote. He called the move a "political stunt." But isn't that exactly what Obama's proposal is? It's likely that Obama's proposal would get few if any votes in the same way the Senate rejected Obama's budget proposal by a unanimous 97-0 vote in May.

Refusal to bring Obama's fiscal plan for a vote leaves Obama free to continue demonizing Republican opposition and the class warfare rhetoric that substitutes for sound policy or honest negotiation with opponents.

Senate Democrats also know that passing Obama's plan, even if the House went along with it and Obama signed it would not solve the problem. Even if Obama taxed the rich at 100% of taxable income it would barely be enough to cover the deficit for one year. And you can only take 100% of income once. After that the Golden Goose is dead and what do you do?
Even a 100% tax on those making more than $200,000 wouldn't solve the fiscal problem.

Obama has rejected GOP plans which would raise revenues but keep tax rates the same. Obama insists on raising tax rates. Period! It doesn't matter that such increases lower revenue.


Obama's plan has been exposed as a purely political and designed to be used to attack Republicans but not to solve the fiscal crisis. Obama is more than happy to return to this "fiscal cliff" again and again as long as it pays a political dividend to him. Meanwhile, the American people continue to suffer economically as a result!

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