John Bolton

John Bolton

Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

We hope it is!

First fireworks of the New Year 2013
explode over the Opera House in Sydney Australia.
Full size image here.
Check the Daily Mail for more as New Year's Eve around the world unfolds.

As you know the primary focus of this blog is on political issues and one cannot escape the fact that 2012 was a disappointment for me, for conservatives and for many who seek effective solutions to our nation's problems. Here's hoping 2013 will be better. I have my doubts. In the first four years of his presidency Barack Hussein Obama proved that he preferred partisan score settling to the leadership necessary to solve America's mounting problems. His attitude in the recent so-called fiscal cliff setup proved that there is every reason to believe he will continue that path.

Our nation's only chance is to hope we prosper in spite of Obama's best efforts to stymie private sector growth. The one bright spot on the horizon is growth in the energy sector, particularly natural gas development. If Republicans in Congress can forestall Obama's efforts to restrict that development in order to favor his campaign contributor's investments in more expensive green energy we might have a chance.

Motivating my thinking are the millions of Americans continue to face a New Year with grim economic prospects. For them we hold out hope.

Whatever happens over the next year you can count on Mike's America to continue the fight. For inspiration we look once again to Winston Churchill. First the British establishment tried to sideline him then the Nazis tried to silence him. Neither succeeded and his vision, leadership and strength of character made history. Let his example serve as a model as we move forward.

Let us resolve to make the most of this New Year and begin now on the long road to prepare for the day when wiser heads will prevail.

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