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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Turning the Tables on Hollywood's Gun Hypocrites

The same celebrities who lecture us on guns produce many of the movies with the most gun violence!

The usual Hollywood crowd came out last week and produced a video demanding tougher gun laws. That means that while these pampered, rich actors will continue to have an army of armed guards to protect them, they want law abiding citizens to surrender their Second Amendment rights. In the video called "Demand a Plan to End Gun Violence" various celebrities read the names of recent mass shootings. The following video splices in this reading with clips from each of their films which show graphic gun violence:

Jamie Fox: "Kill all the white people in the movie"

Isn't it great that these empty headed celebrities, who made their fortunes glorifying gun violence now want to put an end to mass shootings? Perhaps they should start by refusing to play violent roles! Nah...why should THEY sacrifice for the public good?

On a related topic, the White House petition demanding that CNN anchorman Piers Morgan be deported for this anti-constitutional rants against gun owners has reached over 100,000 signatures. But like every other plea from average citizens who are not members of a union favoring Obama or campaign contributors, this too will be ignored!

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