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Monday, January 21, 2013

Four More Years of THIS?

Obama's second swearing in means America's problems will only get worse!

I almost laughed when I read this from Obama's second Inaugural Address:
"We cannot mistake absolutism for principle, or substitute spectacle for politics, or treat name-calling as reasoned debate."
Of course Obama meant to criticize Republicans but it was really about himself. You wouldn't find any Republican willing to charge Democrats with wanting dirty air and water as Obama did, or say the other party wanted old people and children with disabilities to fend for themselves. And that was the kind of rhetoric he used more than a year before the 2012 election. Nor would any Republican use the slavery metaphor of putting blacks back in chains as V.P. Joe Biden did.

It's all attack, all politics, all the time with these guys and the resulting mess can't be blamed on George W. Bush any more.

The last four years saw nearly $6 trillion in new debt. Obama said it was "unpatriotic and irresponsible" when Bush ran up $5 trillion in eight years. In the next four there's nothing but more and more red ink.

And what did we get for that record run-up in debt? More than 8 million dropped out of the workforce during the last four years and only half of those eligible to retire with Social Security benefits. The longest and most extended dip in employment in the modern era. Billions wasted on "green energy" that created few jobs as firms that got taxpayer money went bankrupt in droves. But never mind that, Obama's big campaign backers got their share up front. Meanwhile, Obama's reckless fiscal policy, particularly the printing of money to finance debt means gas prices have nearly doubled along with all energy and everyday items like food impacting lower and middle class families the hardest.

Further adding to the middle and lower income misery are falling wages and greater health care costs. The impact of ObamaCare over the next few years will make this situation worse as employers cut hours to avoid being forced into higher cost health plans.

Sadly, with all this economic distress Americans are tuning out Obama's foreign and national security policy disasters. The radicalization of Egypt and the murders of four Americans in Libya are only the first of many more such nightmares as violence and radicalism spread unchecked across Africa. Obama continues to ignore the problem hoping someone else will step up and deal with it. That's a recipe for worse to come over the next four years. Despite Obama's campaign promise that "Al Queda is on the run," from the jihadi perspective it appears it's America that is cutting and running from a world war that can only get bigger and more deadly the longer we ignore it.

I wish I could find a silver lining here. But since it's clear Obama intends to continue the petty, partisan and divisive politics of the last four years, a record that has earned him a spot of among the lowest approval ratings by Gallup for any modern president, the problems America faces can only get worse. And no matter how many photo ops Obama has pledging his support for children or the Middle Class, they will be hit the hardest.

It's 1460 days until help can finally arrive. Let's hope America can survive!

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