John Bolton

John Bolton

Monday, January 21, 2013

Obama's Crowd Booed Paul Ryan At Inaugural

As Obama speaks of national unity, his supporters show what he really means by unity and civility!

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), Chairman of the House Budget Committee didn't have to attend Monday's Inauguration on the steps of the U.S. Capitol. He and Mitt Romney lost the election to Obama but Ryan felt it was his duty to attend. In a statement he said:
"I congratulate President Obama on his inauguration, and I join the country in celebrating this American tradition.

"The president and I were political opponents. We had strong disagreements over the direction of the country—as we still do now. But today, we put those disagreements aside. Today, we remember what we share in common.

"We serve the same country, one that is still in need of repair—and is still the freest on earth. We serve alongside men and women from both parties, who govern in good faith and good will. Finally, we serve the same people, who have honored us with their charge.
But when he showed up at the Inauguration, what did he get for his trouble? Booed, by Obama Kool Aid drinkers who no doubt will insist Republicans be respectful and civil in their disagreements with Obama.

While Obama was up on the platform calling for national unity, his supporters expressed the real tone behind Obama's empty words.

Conservatives now have free license to oppose Obama's policies in any way they see fit. Speaking for me, Obama is president in name only. He and his supporters do not uphold the finest traditions of American democracy and have no right to expect respect in return for the disrespect and uncivil behavior they daily shower on the rest of us.

1460 days before this nightmare ends and the real national healing can begin once the adults are back in charge!

UPDATE: Michelle Obama's rudeness to John Boehner at Inaugural lunch

How do you work with people who have such thinly veiled contempt for you that they cannot even be civil at an Inaugural lunch? Look at Michelle Obama's classless performance before answering that question. As she shovels food into her face her expressions towards House Speaker John Boehner, who sits right next to her, say it all.

Also, I can't help noticing Michelle going to town on that food. This is the same woman who constantly lectures the rest of us to watch our diet.

What kind of people are these?

UPDATE 2: Guy Who Started the Booing is a radical hire at the Dept. of Justice!

And he bragged about it. Exactly the kind of behavior we would expect from these lovers of civility and tolerance!


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