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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Obama Uses Kids for Photo Op on Gun Control Orders

Better hope this turns out better than the photo ops Obama had with Middle Class Americans where he promised their taxes wouldn't go up!

Using children as a shield, Obama signs 23
Executive Orders he claims will reduce gun violence.
On Wednesday, Obama pledged to take action to assure we are "keeping our children safe."
Seeing this charade , I am reminded of the number of photo ops (1,2) Obama did with Middle Class Americans where he bragged the deal to prevent the fiscal cliff would prevent a tax increase on the Middle Class. Below, Obama tells one group that the deal would mean "their income taxes [won't] go up one dime." He failed to mention their payroll taxes would go up MORE than the taxes on millionaires and billionaires who will pay higher income taxes.

Here's that photo op shortly before Middle Class taxes went up:

So it is with trepidation that we see Obama promise a group of kids that he is serious about doing something to prevent gun violence. All I can say is I hope the kid's parent's stock up with ammo while their is still time!

Two children we did not see at Wednesday's White House event are the nine year old twins of Donnie and Melinda Herman. They are alive today because their mother, Melinda, had a gun and was able to shoot and stop a violent intruder who entered their Georgia home earlier this month.

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