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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Violence in the Cities as Egypt Unravels

The delusion of the Arab Spring leaves Egypt on the brink of "collapse!"

Dozens dead, hundreds injured and the rule of law breaking down in major Egyptian cities as the Muslim Brotherhood refuses to recognize the legitimate and democratic rights of those citizens who do not share the Brotherhood's zeal for imposing Sharia Law.

The New York Times has a comprehensive report.  Fears of martial law enshrining yet another radical Islamist dictatorship as in Iran may be driving some of the unrest.

Where is Obama?

Where is the United States in all this? Not a peep from Obama. The same president who almost daily demanded the removal of Egypt's President Mubarak two years ago is now silent as chaos spreads. It reminds me of his silence when Iranians were being butchered in the streets several years ago while calling out for his help.

One protester in Tahrir Square did reach out to Obama:

So much for making the world respect us again hunh?

Across North Africa chaos and violence is spreading. The Obama Administration has no effective policy for dealing with the situation. Their only response appears to be what Hillary Clinton said during Senate testimony last week: "what difference does it make."

UPDATE: Top Morsi aide believes Nazi Holocaust was a U.S. invention. Six million Jews didn't die in Europe. They moved to the U.S.

Want to know just how whacked out the Muslim Brotherhood leaders who now control Egypt are? Read what the top aide to President Morsi said about the Holocaust. These views are widespread among radical Islamists.

Morsi himself recently warned visiting U.S. Senators that U.S. media is controlled by Jews who he claims distorted his comments calling Jews “bloodsuckers” and “descendants of apes and pigs.” What lovely people Obama has allied himself with!

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