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Friday, February 01, 2013

Unemployment Goes Up Again While Obama Axes Jobs Council

How much longer will Obama and the Dems continue to play the blame game and shirk the responsibilities and accountability of leadership?

Economic growth declined in the last quarter of 2012 and now unemployment ticks up again to 7.9% In his 2nd Inaugural Address Obama said "An economic recovery has begun." Is this what he meant?

Add to that another decline in the labor participation rate and a whopping 8.5 million people have now given up work, or looking for work, during Obama's first four years in office.

What's Obama doing about it other than blame Republicans? Nothing. He even allowed his much vaunted Jobs Council to go out of business this week. Not that it matters much. The Council met only a handful of times and produced no new ideas. Reminder: Obama claimed that the Council was not a  “Show Council” merely for appearances. But in so much else Obama's words don't match with Obama's deeds.

If anyone was looking for any new ideas from Obama to address the problem of jobs and the economy they will have to wait. Obama announced that he will not meet the deadline required by law for submitting a new budget. I guess he was too busy vacationing in Hawaii last month to bother. Not that it matters.  Senate Democrats haven't passed a budget in over 1,000 days even though such an act is also required by law.

For those who want to point the finger at House Republicans I would remind them that the House passed 40 bills relating to job creation in the last congress. Senate Democrats refused to bring them up for a vote and now that the new Congress has been sworn in they are now dead.

One thing we can count on... while Obama doesn't have any new ideas for addressing negative economic growth or job creation we can know at some point he will surround himself with unemployed workers and give a heartfelt speech about how much he cares. Nothing will change, but like Hillary says "what difference does it make!"

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