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John Bolton

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

3 Contrasting Images of the Obama Era

He plays and lives large while the people he claims to care most about suffer!

First, Obama's dog Bo, caught his own aircraft, a MV-22 Osprey for the trip to Obama's vacation home on Martha's Vineyard. No word why the dog couldn't fly on Air Force one but instead used a separate military aircraft which costs $10,000 an hour to fly.

First Dog Bo takes a separate plane along with Obama's basketballs for flight to Martha's Vineyard.
Next, we see Obama on the golf course. Nothing unusual about this since he golfs every moment he can. But still, contrast his expression with the folks that follow in the final image.

Obama enjoying his golf game on Martha's Vineyard.
It's just great Obama and his dog can enjoy life. What a shame that the rest of the country is still gripped in the economic doldrums which are largely a consequence of Obama's job killing policies.

Desperate job seekers aren't having as much fun waiting in line
at a job's fair as Obama is on the golf course!
Obama repeatedly claims that improving the lives of the poor and the Middle Class are his top priority. Yet while Obama plays and his rich friends get richer, the rest of America suffers!

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