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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Egypt's Version of Nazi Kristalnacht as Muslim Brotherhood Torches Christian Churches

And Obama complains about the use of military force directed at extremists but hardly a word about the violence of extremists!

Christian church in Suez, Egypt burns.

17 Coptic Christian churches burned along with attacks on Christian owned businesses and individuals across Egypt over the past few days but the headline in most of the so-called "news" media is the deadly crackdown by government forces on the Muslim Brotherhood extremists (I thought these were supposed to be progressives) perpetrating the violence.

And in the statement released by the White House the Obama Administration once again shows favoritism to the violent mobs by deploring the actions of government forces to contain the murdering hordes of Islamists but nothing more than the typical boilerplate line about encouraging peaceful demonstrations.

It enough to make you wonder whose side Obama is on!

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