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Monday, August 05, 2013

How Long Before Obama Blames This Egyptian Anti-Obama You Tube Video for Latest Terrorist Threat?

Why not? Obama got away with blaming a You Tube video for the Benghazi attack!

Here's what we know. The terrorists who attacked our diplomatic compound last September and murdered four Americans are hiding in plain sight; even giving media interviews (see below). The Obama Administration blamed the attacks on a You Tube video which no one ever say and promptly threw the maker in jail where he remains to this day. All this was done despite no evidence to suggest that the video had anything to do with the attack which was long planned.

So now, with nearly all American embassies shut down across the Arab world for a full week I wonder how long it will be before the Obama Administration finds a new scapegoat? I'm thinking the following would be a good target.

Fire Andrea Mitchell:Sama Al Masry Elmasry is an Egyptian protester who released a suddenly viral anti-Obama belly-dance video called ‘you Obama, your father,mother.’ The belly-dance video by Sama Al Masry Elmasry is in Arabic but has English subtitles. Al-Masry has even set up a Facebook fan page for her new video.
Quite a catchy tune don't you think? Facebook users may wish to "like" her page by clicking here.

"Obama, your father, mother!" A real insult in Arabic.
As this video goes viral on the Internet I'm reminded of the Obama Girl video from 2008. Even Obama girl no longer supports her one time hero.
So much for the guy who was going to make the world love us again!

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