John Bolton

John Bolton

Friday, August 09, 2013

School Bus Beating Unmasks Trayvons in Training

Where is Al Sharpton as these teen thugs beat a 13 year old boy?

Did you see the video of the three 15 year old black thugs beating a 13 year old white boy on the school bus? See below if you haven't.

My first thought is to wonder what kind of future these thugs will have if they are already immersed in drug sales and violence. It's the same environment that created Trayvon Martin and perhaps led him to double back and confront George Zimmerman. Will the culture of violence and drug crime which created these monsters lead to a similar fate as Trayvon?

Race profiteers Sharpton and Jackson are silent on this issue. But if the situation were reversed with three white assailants we know the usual suspects would already be screaming about justice.

One more thought.... Obama said that Trayvon Martin could have been him. Will we hear from him now? Will he tell us that he identifies with the 13 year old or the thugs who beat him?

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