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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Murdered for Being White? Two Black Teens Kill White Australian in Oklahoma Shooting

A victim of racist hysteria over the shooting of Travyon Martin?

Will we see Chris Lane's picture on T-shirts and posters of
those protesting this crime? Sadly, no marches for Lane.

Q: How many times did race profiteers scream it was "open season for killing blacks" after the verdict was announced in the George Zimmerman trial?
A: millions.
Did that racist hysteria lead to the death of 22 year old Chris Lane,  from Australia, who was shot in the back by the two teens below while out jogging in Duncan, Oklahoma?

Murdering teen thugs who shot Lane.

And what of the race profiteers who did so much to whip up the current state of racial agitation? Well, at least Jesse "Shakedown" Jackson made a statement. But his choice of wording in which he said "This senseless violence is frowned upon," left many wondering why he bothered to comment at all. "Frowned upon?" Seriously?

There was also a white conspirator charged for driving the car that the shooters used. All three were part of a gang/gun culture in which violence is glorified and human life left with little meaning. Below is a posting one of the shooters left on social media posing with a rifle. Other postings on  include pictures of other guns a boast about the killing on Facebook. When the teens were caught by police they said they did it because they were "bored."

The usual suspects will want to deflect any racial angle in this story and point instead to the availability of guns. In so doing they will also seek to ignore the cultural disease which makes it seem not only acceptable but fun to murder another human being. Where's the law to outlaw that problem?

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