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Friday, August 30, 2013

Oh the Delicious Irony as Obama' s Cowboy Threats on Syria Implode

The whole thing would be funny if there weren't 100,000 dead Syrians!

I wonder if Obama regrets banishing the bust of British wartime leader Winston Churchill from the White House. Apparently he needs a reminder on what real world leadership is like. The British, offended by so many Obama insults said no to Obama's request to join in attacking Syria for their use of chemical weapons. But then, Obama has offended so many U.S. allies over the years we shouldn't be surprised. 

Obama didn't find any friends at the United Nations when he went to the Security Council for a resolution condemning Syria. The Security Council utterly rejected his draft resolution. This after Obama sucked up to the Russians and tossed our allies in Poland and the Czech Republic under the bus. This leaves Obama with the support of France!

What irony! Remember during the Bush presidency how Obama and the Democrats called Bush a cowboy. They were going to change all that with smart diplomacy. Well, so much for their "reset" with Russia. The Russians laughed at that gaffe and are still laughing.

Obama and the Dems claimed President Bush acted unilaterally. But readers may recall that  Bush went to war in Iraq after Congress  authorized the action by an overwhelming vote in both houses. Bush also formed a "coalition of the willing" comprising 49 nations, 37 of which sent troops to Iraq. Obama is left with a coalition of one!

Finally, remember how the Dems charged Bush for "rushing to war?" Now we have the spectacle of John Kerry, who trumpeted that charge against Bush in the 2004 presidential election demanding military action against Syria even before the UN Inspectors report is finished. Cheering from the sidelines is "war hawk" former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, another strong critic of Bush. Pelosi even went so far as House Speaker to travel to Syria and met with President Assad while criticizing Bush Administration efforts to contain Syria. Imagine the hell that would break lose if Speaker Boehner tried something similar.

And where's Code Pink? They branded every member of the Bush Administration a war criminal. Will see public displays of their displeasure directed at Sec. State Kerry as they did towards Condi Rice?

There is a strong case to be made for action against Syria. Sadly, it comes a year too late. Once Obama's red line was crossed last year the Syrians saw American passivity as a green light for an attack that was far worse. Obama walked all over his own red line declaration and it may be too late to restore American credibility and leadership when it's needed most.

Obama's failure to lead when things get tough is proving deadly for people around the globe. And now, not only is he rushing to war, but he is being shamed into it by his own incompetence and for his own ego!

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