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Friday, October 11, 2013

Your ObamaCare Escape Hatch

Get insurance, dump ObamaCare and save money!

Here's a story that is being played out in millions of American homes as ObamaCare looms. A middle class family in Alabama has seen it's health insurance skyrocket from $463 to $1,012.47 because of the new requirements of ObamaCare. For a family with six children insurance is essential, but a rate hike of almost  300% means the family may have to do without other essentials.

For middle class families who have borne the brunt of Obama's disastrous economic and energy policies, this latest slap may be the last straw. But there is a way out.

Under ObamaCare you are required to have health insurance. But if you buy a policy from the ObamaCare exchanges you will be paying for a whole laundry list of add-ons that you may never need. But what if you paid the fine to the IRS and then bought a policy from a private company that was not loaded up with ObamaCares unnecessary extras? You'd still be covered and at a much lower rate.

That's what one company is offering.

Video link.

Of course you won't be paying into ObamaCare's bloated system filled with liberal goodies like free contraception for rich lawyers like Sandra Fluke. But chances are pretty good that millions will skip out on paying for what they don't need so you won't be alone. Sadly, when ObamaCare does come crashing down the Dems will only demand MORE government intervention into health care, not less but that would happen anyway!

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