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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Obama Opens National Mall for Pro Immigrant Political Rally but Refuses to Help Survivors of Fallen Soldiers

Further proof this government shutdown is really a scam!

All national monuments are closed due to the Obama Administration's policy in implementing a partial government shutdown. Even the Lincoln Memorial, which has never been closed before, along with other monuments not affected by prior shutdowns are shut even though the government has as many or more guards to block access as they would during operations.

The National Mall is also closed. Unless you happen to be aligned with Obama's political agenda. Here's a photo of thousands of pro immigrant amnesty protesters who were given permission to hold their rally at the same time veterans continue to be blocked from memorials further down the Mall.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) thanked Obama for opening the Mall for this political event.

[Side Note: Rush Limbaugh points out that Democrats say protests against ObamaCare are illegitimate because it's settled law. Immigration law is settled too so aren't these protests also illegitimate?]

No Special Treatment for Families of Dead Soldiers

Meanwhile, the bodies of five American soldiers killed in Afghanistan are on their way home. Typically, the families would be invited at government expense to be present when their caskets arrive in Dover, Delaware. Not this time. The Obama Administration has refused the usual burial arrangements due to the shutdown and any payments to help families will be delayed.

Dead soldiers refused the honor they are due because they aren't Obama's political allies.
This shutdown is a transparent scam and the only person to blame is Obama!

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