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Saturday, December 07, 2013

Another Race Hoax Exposed

Want to get attention, or get even? Just shout "RACIST" and the usual suspects will come running and believe every word you say!

We all know that if Trayvon Martin had been white and George Zimmerman black Trayvon's death would have been a statistic, not a national obsession. The injection of race and the specter of racism raised the profile of this tragedy. It didn't matter that there was not one shred of evidence to suggest race had anything to do with it.

Then there is the case of the Duke LaCrosse players accused of raping a black stripper. The player's lives were ruined by the scandal even after they were found innocent and the prosecutor who brought the case was disbarred for "dishonesty, fraud, deceit and misrepresentation." The Duke University faculty which did so much to whip up racial animosity refused to apologize and continues to promote racial division.

These are just a two examples of how racial issues are abused by those seeking to advance a leftist agenda or to attack others. With the media hyped attention given to these incidents it's no wonder hate crime hoaxes has become quite the thing.

Two recent examples prove the point. The first, at Vassar College (why is this so frequent at universities?) where members of the Bias Incident Response Team, or hate crime student police, were actually the ones spray painting hate messages on campus.

The second in Lunenberg, Massachusetts where racial slurs were spray painted on the skirting of the house of a bi racial player on the high school football team. It was thought that teammates may have done the dirty deed so the remainder of the football season was canceled and a candlelight vigil was held to protest racism.

But there was something funny about this incident. Look at the picture. If you're a racist goon intent on spray painting racial slurs on someone's house are you going to bend over and do it on the skirting which is more easily painted over or are you going to do it on the siding which is easier and would stand out better?

Well, predictably, police figured out that it was the mother of football player who did the deed. When the father was asked about this he said “That just shows you how racist this town is.” So now, questioning hoaxers is also defined as racism. How convenient.

According to the left, anyone who disagrees with Obama is a racist or perhaps has the attitude of a slave owner. It's no surprise then that there has been an increase in these very public vicious calumnies directed at innocent people and groups. As long as the media's first reaction is to assume the lie is true this hate crime against the truth will continue!

P.S. I almost forgot the infamous hoax of Tawana Brawley, who, as a young teenage girl in Duchess County, New York in 1987 made up a story about being abducted and raped by a group of white men who then smeared her with feces and scrawled racial epithets on her body. Tawana fabricated the story to avoid getting into trouble for staying out all night with her boyfriend. The lives of the men wrongly accused, including a New York county prosecutor, were ruined. The hoax made an instant celebrity out of Al Sharpton.

Even after the hoax was exposed, Professor Patricia Williams, one of the left's leading intellectuals on racebaiting said Tawana "has been the victim of some unspeakable crime. No matter how she got there. No matter who did it to her and even if she did it to herself." The truth really does not matter does it?

Tawana remains an icon of the racebaiting left. She recently attended a fundraiser which had to be held in New Jersey instead of New York since her mother Glenda has a warrant out for her arrest related to the hoax. The event was emceed by Leonard Jeffries is another so-called academic who made a career out of racebaiting. Jeffries has said “rich Jews” financed the slave trade and whites are violent, cruel “ice people.’’

P.P.S. Commenter Beakerin points out that these race hoaxes get massive media attention while the very real race motivated attacks in the "Knock Out Game" go largely unreported. I would just add that these attacks are likely fueled by the false perceptions of white racism created in part by these hoaxes. Yet for some reason the hoaxes and the hoaxers are rarely, if ever condemned. Al Sharpton remains a celebrity today based on racist lies!

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