John Bolton

John Bolton

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Obama Stacking DHS with Pro Amnesty Attorneys

And once they get their jobs they are in for life!

J. Christian Adams saw firsthand how the Obama Department of Justice was corrupted by the radical politics of lawyers brought in with Attorney General Eric Holder. They simply refused to enforce the Voting Rights Act if blacks were accused of wrongdoing. But at least the political appointees who engaged in this kind of activity will be gone when a Republican president returns sanity to the White House and replaces these corrupt appointees.

The same is not true with the Civil Service whose jobs are not dependent on who sits in the White House. IRS employees like Lois Lerner do not lose their job when the White House changes hands. So, it is with increasing concern that the large number of new hires in the federal government made possible by Obama's large increases in federal spending may further corrupt government agencies in a way that will be very difficult to correct. The Justice Department is being staffed with a cadre of card carrying left wing radicals who will not be asked to leave when the government changes hands.

So too with the Department of Homeland Security who recently hired 24 new attorneys, all of whom come from backgrounds supporting amnesty for illegal aliens. This hiring occurred despite the budget sequester that Obama threatened would cripple the government.

Since DHS is responsible for enforcing immigration law, how likely is it that we will see the same corruption of law enforcement we have already witnessed at the Department of Justice?

With the lawlessness we see coming from a President who selectively interprets laws the corruption of federal agencies takes on fresh concern. How any Republican president will push back remains to be seen. Remember the firestorm that erupted when Bush's Attorney General exercised his legal right to replace a handful of Clinton era prosecutors? The power held by corrupt left wing bureaucrats with civil service protection threatens the very core of our democracy. Thank Obama!

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