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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Obama, Who Snubbed Thatcher Funeral, Makes Mandela Memorial All About HIM!

With his clownish behavior in South Africa, it's a good thing he didn't go to Thatcher funeral!

The President of the United States normally does not attend funerals of foreign leaders. So, it was no surprise, and perhaps relief, that Obama choose not to attend Margaret Thatcher's funeral earlier this year. But the British were somewhat perturbed that the American delegation to Thatcher's state funeral did not include ANY current high ranking American official. Not even "you die, I fly" Vice President Biden. Even Secretary of State Hillary Clinton couldn't be bothered.

Contrast that with the funeral of Nelson Mandela, a regional African leader but one who was made into a worldwide celebrity by the same left wing media that glorifies Latin American mass murderer Chez Guevara. President Obama attended in person yucking it up with other world leaders. He even managed to shake hands with Raul Castro, brother of Fidel Castro who still holds Cubans hostage to a failed communist tyranny.

Of course Obama's appearance was as much about him as it was Mandela. The old "I,I, me, me" which has been so absent from his teleprompter when discussing the disaster of ObamaCare popped up again.  News reporters couldn't help but marvel at how other appearances at the memorial were little more than a "warm up act for Obama."

I have no problem with Obama paying respects to Nelson Mandela, despite some checkered parts of Mandela's past. But how respectful is it for Obama to use the Mandela memorial for a distraction from his own domestic troubles and turn it into a reunion for failed radical leftists the world over?

UPDATE: Sign Language Fraud. For deaf viewers of the Mandela memorial it will be a moment to forget. As Obama and other speakers made their remarks a man with credentials from Mandela's African National Congress Party was supposed to be translating the words into universal sign language understood by deaf people. Instead, he was simply faking it by waving his hands around. Well, when Obama speaks that might seem appropriate since it was all hot air anyway and didn't mean a thing. PERIOD!

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