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John Bolton

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Obama Parties While the Katrina of Winter Storms Causes Panic, Power Outages Across the South

And yes, the global warming nuts are still insisting that this proves global warming!

Massive winter storm grips the southern United States. Full size image here.
Storm causes food panic; fights over food in Atlanta:

Hundreds of thousands without power. Thousands stuck in traffic on icy roads.  What's Obama doing? Here's the menu from Tuesday night's State Dinner with the President of France:

Interesting to note that this dinner was held in a massive heated tent on the White House lawn in the grip of winter cold. Is it any wonder that the cost of Obama's dinners are much higher than Bush's?

And while Obama talks about income inequality, liberal reporters gushed over Michelle Obama's $12,000 dress. Remember the grief they gave Ann Romney for a $900 shirt?

Speaking of income inequality, Obama's answer to climate change would raise the cost of energy that the poor and middle class rely on to keep from freezing in this record cold winter. And that tax wouldn't do a thing to effect climate change. The rich would still be richer and the poor would be poorer. Obama and his rich friends will still party at our expense while the real people fight for food!

P.S. Lake Superior at 20 year record freeze. The largest fresh water lake in the world may freeze over entirely for the first time in decades. Yet the same enviroloons who insist that mild winters and melting ice are proof of global warming are still pushing their malarkey!

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