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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Picture of the Real Hillary Clinton Rises Again but Will it Matter? Plus, My Personal Moment with Bill and Hill

The media won't take this any more seriously than they did the expose of the real Obama in 2008!

Diane Blair, whom Hillary Clinton called her "closest friend" an insider's insider in the Clinton's saga died in 2000. She left behind an archive of papers, documents, memos and recollections that were closed to the public for many years. The Washington Free Beacon recently gained access to this treasure trove and found that Hillary Clinton is a ruthless, manipulative, vindictive shrew who will say one thing in public and another in private.

You won't likely hear much about this in the usual media. After all, this is the same media that covered up Obama's past in 2008 yet in 2012 insisted that stories about Mitt Romney in high school were somehow newsworthy. The same media that put the novelty of a black man (more accurately a black Democrat) ahead of every other consideration will do the same if Hillary Clinton (a Democrat woman) is the nominee for president in 2016. Low information voters who were told to look the other way when the few questions about Obama's competence, experience and character were raised will be asked to do so again for Hillary.

Of course none of this about Hillary is really news. Most of us have known about who she is for a very long time. In 2007 I retraced Hillary and Bill's footsteps in a Little Rock  "scandal tour" I took of the sites of famous spots like the Rose Law Firm where all that work on Whitewater went missing and the hotel where bill "entertained" Paula Jones. And let's not forget to "say it with flowers." Jennifer Flowers that is. I even visited the Chinese Restaurant that was the source of Bill and Hillary's White House funny money and Bill's favorite McDonald's.

My Personal Moment with  Bill And Hill

Everything I learned about the Clintons was confirmed in a very personal way in a chance I encounter I had with the unhappy couple in 1992. It was a story I first told at Mike's America in 2005. I was walking down the side street in Washington DC on which the Democrat National Committee is located on my way to lunch in July shortly before the Dem convention in which Bill would be nominated to run for president. It's a quiet street and as I approached I saw a limo double parked and two people standing behind it. I recognized Bill Clinton right away. There was only one other person in the street and it was a woman with blond hair facing him with her back to me. I thought it was odd that Bill was outside the Dem HQ and no one was in the street to cheer him on. Odder still, I noticed a woman was wagging a finger in Bill's face. My first reaction was wondering what kind of staff person would dare do such a thing, especially in public, in full view from every window of the DNC.

As I walked past them I noticed it was Hillary. Giving Bill the business. That was the real Hillary and I almost felt sorry for Bill. Almost. That window on the Clinton's confirmed every story I had heard about Hillary before or since!

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