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Saturday, February 08, 2014

Photo: Frozen Great Lakes Document Coldest Winter in Many Years

Is this what global warming is supposed to look like?

More photos here.

Yes, I know that it's "just weather" when it's cold. But you can bet if the winter was mild, the global warming alarmists would be sounding the doom and gloom trumpet. Not too long ago, the warmists were saying that an unusually mild winter proved their case. Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA) in 2005 said: "Having no snow is consistent with what the models predict will become a significant problem for us in the future."

Well now it is the future and the "significant problem" we have is that it's too cold.

Sadly, none of this will stop the warmists who insist that the only solution is to tax carbon making your heating bill even more expensive. Not that a tax would do one thing to stop any warming if it were occurring.
Comparing ten years of temperature data which shows a slight cooling trend
with CO2 which continues to increase. No correlation between the two.

And those models and proof of the global warming theory and link to CO2? The future has shown that the climate is not so simple and there is little direct link between CO2 and temperature. The real link to warming is something that apparently few global warming fanatics have taken into consideration. It's called THE SUN! How long before Democrats want to tax sunshine?

UPDATE: Most Snow in U.S. in ten years. NY Times predicts "the end of snow"

Friday satellite image of snow cover in the continental U.S. shows two thirds of the country covered with snow and ice:

The same day, the NY Times prints a story suggesting snow is a thing of the past!

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