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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The People of Venezuela Demand FREEDOM!

Where is the American left?

Latest news has the death toll in the Venezuela freedom protests at 13. Initially, the protest involved students who protested a rape attempt on a college campus and were abused by the police. The protests spread and violence by enforcers of the Maduro regime followed. Protests now include others opposed to the left wing fascist regime but the movement is largely centered on youths disillusioned with the failures of socialism. Meanwhile, the Venezuelan government, and some in the American left deny the organic nature of the uprising and rather lamely insist the protest is the result of paramilitary activity and right wing "elites." As usual, it's the exact opposite.

Does this look like a gang of paramilitary elites to you?

If the above were Palestinians throwing rocks at Israeli troops leftists in the U.S. would be marching alongside. But these students dare to protest against the failure of socialism. That can't be allowed!

22 year old Genesis Carmona, a local beauty pageant winner, shot in the head and killed by government supporters is carried away by motorcycle.

Protesters place flowers outside a government ammunition factory. A morbid joke on the street is that In Venezuela, the only thing not in short supply is ammunition for government guns!

It's  a war on women but you won't hear a peep about it from the American left!

 Hundreds of thousands take to the streets last Saturday in the capital city of Caracas. A gathering a tad too big to be simply "elites" wouldn't you say?

American left in knots over socialist repression

The far left is in fits over the Venezuela protests. To many on the left Venezuela under Chavez and now Maduro was a people's paradise. A paradise where the staples of daily life like milk and toilet paper were in short supply and bands of red shirted thugs enforced "social justice" on the people but never mind all that. Hollywood leftists especially have been the biggest backers of Venezuela's fascist regime.

For the left Occupy Wall Street, that pathetic band of unwashed malcontents, was a real people's movement. The same folks deny that the student's movement in Venezuela is a genuine political protest. Left wingers are twisting themselves into knots trying to justify oppression, even violence, against students, including women, who dare to defy the dictates of social justice. Is rape somehow justified if the perpetrators are socialists?

Some hard left media appears hopeful for a crackdown on freedom activists. Ron Radash points to that strain of leftism that insists it is a duty to repress the right. We already see that attitude in American universities where the predominant left tries to shut down or shout down voices they disagree with. So, if the government in Venezuela does ramp up the violence, including rape and torture, don't expect to hear anything but approval coming from the left in this country!

I stand with the students of Venezuela. Do you?

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